Affordable Condo Building for Cambrian Rise

By: Farrell Properties | October 25, 2017

In September, 2017, the Champlain Housing Trust reached an agreement with Eric Farrell of Farrell Properties on the development of 30 affordable condominiums within Cambrian Rise. 

As development continues, new information about the actual timeline of this addition to the neighborhood will be released to the public. A date for the groundbreaking is not known at this time. 

This yet-unnamed building at Cambrian Rise will include 30 affordable condo units and fill a large need for affordable permanent homes in Chittenden County. 

161220 Cambrian Rise - Camera01.jpg

As of October, 2017, a name for another building in the modern neighborhood has received its name. The "Laurentide" takes its name from the ice sheet that crawled across the region and carved out Lake Champlain in its wake. This addition will include affordable rental units, and is also part of the notable partnership between CHT and Farrell Properties. 

For more news on the agreement between Farrell Properties and the Champlain Housing Trust, view the press release...

*Previously, we incorrectly reported that the affordable condo construction would be located in the "Laurentide". As of Jan. 17, 2018, this has been corrected. 

Posted on October 25, 2017 updated on January 17, 2018