Cambrian Rise Partners with CATMA to Kick Off National Bike Month

By: Farrell Properties | May 1, 2018

Alternative forms of transportation are a huge focus in the development and planning of the Cambrian Rise neighborhood, to create options for residents as well as promote a healthy lifestyle.

Biking in particular is strongly encouraged, as the benefits of cycling instead of driving impact much more than just environmental. 

Bike for Your Health

According to numerous studies, there are multiple significant health benefits for regular cyclists. 

Beginning in adolescence, children who bike  are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults. In adults, bike commuters live longer, have better blood pressure and are also less likely to be overweight compared to adults choosing a different form of transportation. 

People For Bikes, a non-profit focused on "uniting people to improve bicycling in America," also reports that women who bike for 30 minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer. 

Woman cycling in a forest in the countryside

Bike for Your Wallet

On average, Americans spend 55 minutes driving each day, with at least one vehicle in 92% of households. According to AAA, the average annual cost of a car or SUV is over $8,000, while a bicycle has an average annual maintenance cost of about $100. 

The average commuter-quality bicycle will cost between $500 and $700 initially, but many fine bikes are purchased second-hand. With initial costs to much lower than a personal vehicle, biking makes a lot of sense for urban residents who travel mostly within the Burlington area. 

Pretty young woman taking a decision between bicycle and car

Bike for Your Happiness

Riding a bicycle actually has an effect on your mood. "If you work with any bike commuters, or ride yourself, chances are this comes as no surprise to you," said Brendan Atwood, a team member at CATMA, in his recent blog post for Farrell Properties. 

A 2014 study found that bicycle commuters are the happiest when they arrive at their destination, compared to other travelers. "The demeanor of cyclists was significantly better than car drivers, passengers or public transit riders."

Exercise is a mood elevator, but Eric Morris, data collector from the study, also speculated that cycling gives an individual a sense of accomplishment to further enhance a happy mood. And while happiness has been a subject of research in economics and psychology, finding ways to promote happiness is now quickly a focus in transportation and urban planning.  

Portrait of a senior couple on cycle ride at the park

Bike at Cambrian Rise

Residents can expect a plethora of bike-centric amenities and conveniences throughout the Cambrian Rise neighborhood. Each residential building will have bike storage, to make it convenient to access a personal bicycle and store it inside during the winter months. 

Greenride, Vermont's first bike-sharing program, is expected to soon have a hub within the neighborhood, making it easier for residents to travel to either the New or Old North End of the city on two wheels without their own bicycle. 

Greenride Rideshare event photoPhoto credit: Greenride Bikeshare on IG

"Best of all, Cambrian Rise residents will have direct access to this incredible biking resource right in your backyard!" Brendan Atwood, CATMA's Business Development Specialist, in reference to the neighborhood's proximity to the Burlington Bike Path. 

Read more about National Bike Month and the great advantages of cycling on the Farrell Properties blog. 

Posted on May 1, 2018 updated on May 01, 2018