Vermont Innovation Commons at Cambrian Rise Announced

By: Farrell Properties | June 13, 2018

As of June, 2018, Burlington's Cambrian Rise welcomed a new addition to its planned community: Vermont Innovation Commons. 

Vermont Innovation Commons, or VIC, is the result of a local drive for a new hub of entrepreneurial opportunity and innovative thinking. Burlington's first collaboration for living and working in such a space, VIC fits perfectly within the vision for Cambrian Rise. 

"Finding the right home for the Commons is the most important first step of that project, and we have found that home at Cambrian Rise,” explained Robert Zulkoski, Chairman of Vermont Works. 

VIC is the latest project by Vermont Works, an independent local investment firm, to invigorate new business opportunity into the area. 

This newfound partnership between developer Eric Farrell and Vermont Works blends with the existing symbiosis within the Cambrian Rise community, to find new opportunities to live and work in Burlington's larger innovation district. 

For more information, read the entire press release here


Posted on June 13, 2018 updated on June 13, 2018