Holiday Safety Tips for Your Apartment and Pets

Picture of Susan Broderick
By: Susan Broderick | November 16, 2017

Oh, the holidays are a magical time of year, especially in Vermont. “Where the treetops glisten” perfectly describes the winter weather in Burlington - sometimes. In between the gatherings and celebrations, it’s important to remember how to keep...

Year-Round Event Calendar in Burlington, VT

Picture of Whitney Olado
By: Whitney Olado | October 31, 2017

Burlington, VT is far from a boring place. With four seasons of events packed in throughout the year. Bike, walk, take the bus or drive to these regular events: 

The Complete Guide to Cambrian Rise FAQs

Living Alone: Your Guide to a Safe and Cozy Home

Picture of Owiso Makuku
By: Owiso Makuku | October 28, 2017

Whether you’re looking to go solo after living with a significant other, the kids are moving on, or you’re simply sick of having roommates, living on your own can be the best time of your life! Finding a space you love is the first step. Here are...

Creating Community Through Amenities at Liberty House

Picture of Eric Farrell
By: Eric Farrell | October 10, 2017

Anyone who's lived in an mid-rise knows that apartment units grouped together may technically be a neighborhood. But a building with a real sense of community requires a whole lot more. 

The Amenities Formula: The True Cost of Living for Burlington Renters

By: Farrell Properties | September 26, 2017

Burlington, VT is an awesome place to live. Situated right on Lake Champlain with the Green Mountains only an hour or two away, this small city is considered one of the best in the entire country. Anyone who has spent any amount of time here has...